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本文摘要:Nobody in their right mind is going to swap an iPhone for an Amazon Fire — a shopping machine that calls itself a phone, as Quartz’ Dan Frommer deftly put it.没哪个脑子长时间的人会把自己的iPhone替换成Amazon Fire。


Nobody in their right mind is going to swap an iPhone for an Amazon Fire — a shopping machine that calls itself a phone, as Quartz’ Dan Frommer deftly put it.没哪个脑子长时间的人会把自己的iPhone替换成Amazon Fire。正如新闻网站Quartz的丹o弗洛默所言,自称为手机的Amazon Fire明明是一款购物设备。That said, the smartphone unveiled by CEO Jeff Bezos in a Seattle warehouse Wednesday is a serious device that puts the business models of two tech giants in a new light.话虽如此,上周三,由亚马逊首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯在西雅图某仓库公布的智能手机Amazon Fire仍然是一款不容极强的设备,它令人从全新的视角检视亚马逊和苹果这两大科技巨头的商业模式。

“Apple and Amazon are much more alike than they are different,” Asymco’s Horace Dediu wrote last summer in an essay called The Anti-Apple. They’re both in the business of “delighting customers” in controlled, predictable environments with convenience and ease of use. They both have huge customer bases (800 million for Apple, 250 million for Amazon). And now they both sell smartphones. For roughly the same price.去年夏天,Asymco的贺拉斯o德迪欧在取名为《苹果反对者》(The Anti-Apple)的文章中写到:“苹果(Apple)和亚马逊(Amazon)堪称“大同小异。”两家公司都致力于在可控且可意识到的环境中,以便利性和易用性“讨好客户”。


The main difference is that Apple’s AAPL -0.35% mission, as Tim Cook never tires of saying, is to make the very best products.两者主要的区别在于,苹果的愿景是打造出最差的产品,这也是苹果首席执行官蒂姆o库克经常悬挂在嘴边的一句话。Amazon’s Fire doesn’t have to be the best. It just has to be good enough. Its mission is to make impulse buying at Amazon’s AMZN -2.21% growing retail empire even more friction-free. If it does that well – using a point-and-buy feature called Firefly — some portion of those 250 million customers will trade up for one.亚马逊的Fire需要沦为最差的产品,它只要充足好就行了。Fire的愿景是,使用户能更加流畅的在亚马逊大大扩展的零售帝国展开冲动性购物。如果能通过取名为Firefly的扫瞄出售功能做这一点,亚马逊的2.5亿用户中,一部分原本用于较低端手机的用户就不会出售Amazon Fire手机。

But they won’t trade down. Compared with an iPhone, Apple loyalists sniffed Wednesday, Fire’s user interface is “a mess.” It only runs, for now, on ATT’s T 0.45% network. There won’t be a flood of new apps until developers are persuaded that it’s going to take off. And because it uses a forked version of Android, it can’t run apps purchased on either Apple’s App Store or Google GOOG 0.28% Play.但原本用于更加高端手机的用户却会降低标准。上周三,苹果的心目中粉丝对Fire的用户界面嗤之以鼻,说道它“一塌糊涂”。

目前,Fire仅有在美国电话电报公司(ATT)的网络上运营。除非开发者们坚信Fire将大冷,否则会有大量针对这款手机研发的应用于。而由于使用Android的分支版本,Fire无法运营苹果应用于商店(App Store)或谷歌(Google)Play平台上出售的应用于。Still, it’s better than a flip phone. It comes with 12 months of free Amazon Prime shipping. Its camera is said to be excellent. It boasts some whizzy features (3D, Mayday, scroll’n’roll). And Bezos is not too proud to stick an ad for it in the face of every Amazon user who logs on. Unless Fire melts down in real-world usage, it will probably succeed in establishing a beachhead in an over-crowded smartphone market dominated by Apple (which skims off the cream) and Samsung (which, if you’ll pardon a badly mixed metaphor, mops up most of the rest).不过,Fire还是比翻盖手机强劲:它自带1年免费Amazon Prime租车服务;它的摄像头据传非常好;它还有一些出众的功能(还包括3D、求助以及scrollnroll功能)。


One more difference between Amazon and Apple, perhaps the most important:亚马逊和苹果还有一个也许是最重要的区别:Apple’s iTunes user base is growing exponentially but its sales per user are falling. Amazon’s user base is growing arithmetically, and its sales per user are relatively flat. (See Horace Dediu’s charts, reproduced below.)苹果的iTunes用户群于是以呈圆形几何级数快速增长,但单位用户销售额正在上升。亚马逊用户群的快速增长没有那么快速增长,单位用户销售额也较为稳定。

(贺拉斯o德迪欧得出的图表刊登如下。)“Apple’s user growth is a function of expanding its device portfolio and distribution,” Dediu wrote in April. “Amazon’s user growth is a function of expanding its logistics and merchandise mix. This is also not easy to do globally. Arguably, Amazon cannot scale in the exponential rates seen by Apple… because it has to depend on trucks and roads and regulators to complete most of its sales.”德迪欧在四月份写到:“苹果的用户快速增长是不断扩大设备人组及分销的结果。而亚马逊的用户快速增长是不断扩大物流和商品人组的结果。